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Dress Code

All students are required to have hair pulled back and must wear tights during all ballet, tap & jazz classes. Acro Students should also have either stirrup or footless tights. No Jeans or stretch jeans for any classes. No Bare Legs. Tight leggings with no flare are ok without tights for Acro. A ballet skirt is suggested for Level 1, 2, and 3 ballet classes. No Tap Ties. 

Each class will be assigned a specific style and color of shoes for picture day and the recital; However, any style and color shoes are fine for class. Please no ties for the tap shoes in busy bees, ladybug, and Level 1 classes. If you can find ballet shoes with no drawstring, those are great!

All Classes may wear any color bodysuit & tights. With or without a skirt, or dance shorts.

Suggested SHOES:

Busy Bees & Lady Bugs

Ballet: Style number 212C Capezio Lily Ballet Slipper Color: Ballet Pink 

Tap: Style number 3800C Capezio Mary-Jane Color: Black OR  Style number N625 Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe for Beginners in Black Patent Leather 

Jazz: Style Number EJ2C Capezio E-Series Slip-On Jazz Color: Caramel  Shoe 

Hip Hop: Style Number DS11C Capezio Fierce Dance Sneaker OR Style Number DS24C Rock It Dance Sneaker – If you can’t find shoes to fit your little one, just regular black sneakers should be fine.

 Level 1, 2, & 3 

Ballet: Style number 2027 Juliette Ballet Shoe (20217 C for children sizes) OR Style number 2033C (child)  or 2033 Capezio Leather Cobra Color: Light Pink 

Tap:  Level 1/2/3 Style number CG16C Flex Master Tap Shoe in Caramel OR Style CG 18 Riff Slip On Tap in Caramel

Jazz: Style Number EJ2C (child) or EJ2 Capezio E-Series Slip-On Jazz Color: Caramel  Shoe 

Hip Hop: Style Number DS11C (child) or DS11 Capezio Fierce Dance Sneaker OR Style Number DS24 Rock It Dance Sneaker in Black 

                          ALL AGES: Acro: Barefoot—Must have Convertible, Footless, or Stirrup Tights. Must be in a bodysuit and tights or an acro biketard or unitard.

We will let parents know which style and color shoes will be worn for recital in late winter to early spring so you can prepare!

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